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January 15, 2020

The Gift of Time & My Gift to You: Collaboration with JORD Watches

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I am taking much needed time this week to unwind as quite honestly, the beginning of the year already has left me quite stimulated. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the urge to be working towards the next deal, the next goal, the next feature or awareness opportunity, or the next event. A reminder I am setting for myself throughout the year is that it’s perfectly okay and highly recommended to just SLOW DOWN.

Time is such a beautiful gift we receive every day. I set the intention this year to spend more quality time doing the things that fill my coffee cup in the company of those who add the extra espresso shot to my life. Setting your intention right at the beginning of a new year can set the tone for a massive impact throughout the year. My word for change and influence in 2020 is TRANSFORMATION and words can’t even express how much things have shifted already.

This year launched in full charge for me and I haven’t been able to pause. Although it’s been a fantastic start, I’m ready to take a step back and take some calls from the couch this week with a coffee within hands reach and my pup at my side. Who’s with me?!

There is beauty and clarity in spending the time to show up in ways that transform you. Along with spending quality time with the people and projects that make my heart flutter, I am setting an intention to break out of my comfort zone to show up for opportunities that I might have been resistant to in the past; all while being on-time & in style.

On January 11th, I had the opportunity to stand in front of a room of over 60+ female entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders to talk about building influence around your brand/business through PR. Although public speaking makes me extremely uncomfortable, I’m ready to take on the challenge even further this year. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system who reminds me of my talents and the value I bring to others. I think that is time well spent! 🥳

Jord Watches: Hand-crafted wood timepieces. Raw material, refined design.

As a way to say thank you for being such a huge support into the new year, JORD Watches and I are hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive a $100 gift code towards the purchase of a new watch in their collection. I want you to show up in style with me in 2020! 🤩

Enter the giveaway here:

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