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I help influential brands attract caffeinated publicity & brand awareness through content strategies.


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Working With Your Brandista

Publicity is a caffeinated way to brew awareness or “buzz” by building brand authority while providing value to your ideal audiences by showing up as an expert in your field. Publicity requires a blend of planning, research & development, coffee to inspire creativity, and the right publicist to assist you in attracting publicity and the attention you deserve!

Building and attracting publicity can be scary! How do you share and express your story? What type of tools and resources do you need to succeed in your PR campaigns? What are the best ways to 

Today’s media loves buzz-worthy content! The richest benefit I bring to working with my clients is assisting them with filtering through the grinds of the media, to curate well-crafted story ideas and a tailored brand messaging plan that aligns and attracts the content the media is craving while staying one-cup-ahead of the trends.

My program is designed to teach you how to create a Content & PR/Media strategy that enhances your brand’s message and story, taking you to the next caffeinated level.


What I Offer

One-on-One Brand Publicity & Communications Coaching

In this package, we will brew/drip insight into what makes you and your brand buzzworthy and how to align your content to attract media attention effectively.

PR & Publicity

Did You Know…

Your website plays one of the largest roles in attracting caffeinated PR/Publicity?

Treat your website like it’s your press/media kit in full form! Ensure you are incorporating brand details such as your mission statement, information about you and your brand, the influence you and your brand make on your audiences, any creative assets such as photo and video that puts your brand in the spotlight, any previous attention you have garnished, and your contact details. 

 Launching and executing a blog on your website with content that displays you as an expert in your field is like coffee beans to an espresso machine, aka, the media. This is one of the most effective ways to share your message consistently to attract media attention prior to pitching and conducting outreach.

The time and attention that you put into your content & community engagement can easily increase your brand credibility and reach to attract publicity through social media?

Social media is one of the largest media outlets to-date! Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, provide you with the tools at your fingertips to conduct traditional PR tactics such as media outreach, media monitoring, and community engagement. Social media is also home to influencers in many facets which has become an integrated part into PR & Publicity strategies.

Hi, I’m Ashley! I am your barista for brewing brand publicity & influence.

I’m Ashley Graham and I am a brand strategist and publicity expert who has a passion for coffee, media collaborations, and connection. To me, every brand has a unique story that wants to be heard and I am on a mission to be the influence in connecting those stories to the media. My creative process is to help my clients filter and enhance the main ingredients of their brand and assist them in facilitating a well-rounded methodology on how they need to execute their media outreach plans, story angles, and additional content strategies in-between.

Caffeinated Press

With the power of intention and a few cups of coffee, my clients have been featured on a variety of media outlets such as…