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Your Brandista is a publicist & people-relation coach that works with conscious thought leaders to elevate their influence & authority through aligned PR & media strategies.

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Every brand has a story that aspires to be heard. Your Brandista filters through the ingredients of your brand's voice to shape into a tailored message that attracts vibrant visibility. This message is curated into your key angles that aligns your story with the right media influences, shaping genuine engagement and connection.

Your Brandista elevates conscious media for & with personal brands & businesses through mindful, caffeinated PR.

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As your boutique publicist, Ashley takes people-relations seriously. In a cut-throat industry, Ashley's goal is to offer you a personalized and custom approach to your media strategy that is centered on relationships and genuine connection. You could work with any publicist in the industry, but there’s value to working with someone who’s ALIGNED and driven to cultivate caffeinated awareness for you and your vision.

Our clients have so much to share but their message needs to be perfected by a publicist who knows how to piece it together.

this is what we are about

Your Brandista collaborates with mindful brands to help them achieve the heart-centered PR exposure they deserve.

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Working with Your Brandista

Ashley's clients are people who are looking for a genuine and relationship-centered approach to their PR & the media they distribute. Rather than feeling like a number thrown to every vertical, Ashley helps guide your strategy and secure you the RIGHT placements that are meaningful to empower your brand to stand as an authoritative influence long-term.

Paid media is easy to obtain in any outlet, but the true, authentic, and genuine buzz is diluted in the mix. Ashley is your catalysts in increasing your visibility through an exclusive, mindful approach based on the needs of your brand. 


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Ashley was such a pleasure to work with. Her commitment to not only understand you, but ensure the world does too, is part of what makes her incredible at what she does. It's not just what she does, but how she does it.

Judith Martinez

CEO & Founder, InHerShoes Mvmt

As a writer, my ultimate focus is creating conscious content and aligning myself with other like-minded people who really ‘get’ my vision and heart. Ashley Graham (Your Brandista) is exactly this person, and even more than I could ask for in a publicist. Not only is she driven, organized, and genuine in her approach, but her entire PR strategy is focused on building connections and relationships above anything else.

In a media landscape that is so often caught up in the numbers & statistics, Ashley’s strategy is a breath of fresh air. She focuses on creating alignment between my perspectives & media opportunities and has helped me land features that really speak to my heart. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with her. She’s helped me grow my business, find ‘homes’ for my content, and has become someone I would trust with any aspect of both my professional and personal life. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Marisa Donnelly

Writer, Editor, Coach & Creative Strategist

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