Build relationships, strengthen visibility, and grow online presence and long-term exposure through coverage, measuring reach & impressions, social shares, and engagement.

Focus on outreach, networking, and securing events/media visits, placements and earned media opportunities.

Develop and strengthen your brand voice, media strategy + media kit, and short/long-term goals.

Month 5-6

Month 3-4

Month 1-2

Venti: Done-For You PR


*MINIMUM 6-MONTH COMMitment with the OPPORTUNITY & recommendation to extend further

Your Brandista Approach:
Our Retainer Program

About the Program

Are you ready to increase your visibility and attract influential and viral media collaborations that grow your brand organically? Let us take the mystery out of PR + Media Relations with our ‘Done-For-You PR Package.’ As your boutique publicist, our goal is to help you develop more strategic and long-term media exposure by partnering with you every step of the way. With this retainer program, we will:

- Create and implement a customized, caffeinated PR and communications plan around your brand
- Develop your ongoing media relations and pitching for media outlets including podcasts, digital & print placements, social media live broadcasts, curated content verticals, and other results-driven media opportunities
- Curate strategic media list identification and targeting based on local and/or national editorial, websites & blogs, trade magazines and TV/radio outlets, influencer-relations & content inquiries
- Trace and measure the success of our efforts through reach, impressions, visits, introductions, mentions, and/or coverage

The success of your brand awareness will build from the approach we take when it comes to developing your media imprint. Our methodology is to bridge the connection between you and your earned media placements, with the opportunity to blend into shared and owned media through the right influence.

Examples of media imprints are:
- Expert bi-lines,
- Guest blogging
- Featured guest & speaker
- Exclusive features/quotes
- Potential influencer partnerships.

PR Opportunity: Your Media Imprint

Our process is to identify your brand’s loyal audience profile to discover how they interact, engage, and share relevant media. Even the editors, writers, and outlets play a vital role in your audience voice. As influence is contextual, our focus is to find the right voices who curate and share content that impact and energize your brand story.

Overview: Your Brand & Audience Voice

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