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December 20, 2019

Brand-Changing Instagram Story Apps to Energize Your Content & Influence

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Hey, brandistas! My roundup of recommended Instagram Story Apps is finally here. After making a bold branding shift on @YourBrandista‘s Instagram content, I noticed that the new story designs I implemented and curate continue to elevate the buzz with my audience.

When it comes to content, I love to get creative! I enjoy finding elements and/or words to use consistently in my branding and content, however, it’s nice to explore other ideas if inspiration arises. Depending on the type of story I plan to publish whether it’s a behind-the-scenes post, a feature announcement, a lifestyle story, or whatever comes to my mind on-the-spot in a given moment, these Instagram Story Apps are great to use to execute a nice branded design, no matter the type of post.


StoryChic is one of the most frequent Instagram Story apps I use. What I appreciate about their app are the storied brand boards they offer. Each brand board comes with a number of design options to choose from that match the overall theme of the board, to take the mystery out where to start. Providing a variety of other design presets, fonts, and animated designs, StoryChic is a great Instagram Story App to start with!

Photo Credit: StoryChic

This app is perfect for influencers who are highly active in stories, bloggers, and brands who actively use stories to enhance their branding on social media.


Unfold is a great Instagram Story App for minimalistic brands. Somewhat of the OG of Instagram Story apps, Unfold is a great app if you plan to follow the same consistent branding flow with each story you post. With a few design presets to choose from, this app is great to use when building more image-oriented story designs with overlapping images. Another great element I love is how elegant you can create text-based stories with images within these layouts.

Photo Credit: Unfold

This app is perfect for photographers who want to showcase and highlight their photos in a creative way through stories.


Instories has become my favorite Instagram Story app for blog-type posts, collages, and animations. When it comes to branding through Instagram stories, creating visions that are unique and specific to the account is more likely to make that brand memorable and recognizable compared to others in the same space. Instories is perfect for travel recaps, video announcements, blog-related content, and business promotions.

Photo Credit: Instories

Instories gives you the freedom and creativity to express your brand imagery and content into beautiful and elegant stories to share with your audience. Instories makes it easy to download the content straight to Instagram or save a copy to your camera roll for future use. Keep in mind: Instories has a free version to explore as well as a paid version to explore even more layouts. I haven’t explored the paid version just yet but looking at the sample images, they are stunning!


Over is an innovative app to create the “text over photos” look for your content. Whether it’s sharing your list-based stories, inspirational quotes, or daily agendas, Over is your go-to.

Photo Credit: Over

Along with other features to explore, Over has plenty of layouts to choose from when it comes to your promotional-based stories. Although I haven’t explored many designs within this app, it’s on my list to add to the content for 2020.

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