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June 30, 2021
Follow this guide for what to include in a PR-worthy Press/Media Kit.

A Step-by-Step Guide: What to Include in a PR-Worthy Press/Media Kit

Public Relations

Ready to start pitching your brand or influence to the media? Follow this guide for what to include in a PR-worthy Press/Media Kit.

Follow this guide for what to include in a PR-worthy Press/Media Kit.

01. Cover Page

Make a good first impression on the first page of your press/media kit. Whether you are a brand or an individual, include a high-resolution photo that captures the full aesthetic of who you are or what you do/offer. Additional information to include on the cover page is the name of the brand/person & the mission statement of the business or the title of the individual.

02. Bio and/or About Section

Give the media something to talk about! Why is your brand or your influence worth the attention? Express the most buzz-worthy parts of your brand or value proposition in this part of your press/media kit. Talking points could include your personal mission, journey, purpose, whom you’ve worked with, and/or your brand’s history.

03. Media Expertise and/or Value Proposition

Are there specific topics or conversations that your influence or brand can speak on or highlight? Include these in this portion of your press/media kit. This helps guide the conversation with the media contact as to why you are reaching out and the benefit your influence or brand is providing.

04. Testimonials & Accolades

Receive an award or nominated for a ranking for a quality product or service? Have a great testimonial from a client or attendee at a workshop or event that speaks to your influence? Add your brag-worthy testimonials and accolades here.

05. Contact Information & Supporting Links

Provide contact information and links for the media to learn more. Include your email and/or best phone number, as well as links to your social media profiles, a link to your brand photos or media-worthy headshots, and a link to your website and press/media page.

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