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September 26, 2019
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Influence Smarter: What is an influencer? How should you approach working with Influencers?

Influence Smarter

Let’s talk about influencers! Influencers have become an integrated part of building brand awareness and publicity, especially through social media. So, what is an influencer? An influencer is an individual or brand that evokes a connection or relationship with their audience in the form of curated content in order to encourage them to think or act based on their influence and credibility around a particular topic.

Although influencers are commonly found through social media, other individuals of influence can be found within other networks such as print publications, radio, TV, digital outlets & blogs, local community events & lead groups, and other marketing aggregates. These influencers are active on social media, however, they also gain their influence through other avenues in conjunction with their social media influence.

What does this mean?

It means that influencers have been around for YEARS. When you think about PR and building publicity around your brand, working with influencers is not only a creative way to gain user-generated content to incorporate into your social media strategy but also a strategic way to leverage their influence to gain awareness around your brand. However, your approach to working with these influencers should be nurtured with the same care and attention you would give to your clients or your best friend. 

How should you approach working with influencers?

I am going to give you my top 5 tips for building a relationship with influencers, to get them energized to work with you:

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Familiarize yourself with the influencer and get to know them. What content are they curating? What is the brand voice they use? What types of brands do they work with and at what level? Better yet, what type of engagement are they receiving? Often times brands get stuck in the limiting belief that influencers with a large following will bring immediate success to their campaign. While at times this can be true, it’s important to monitor the type of engagement they are receiving versus the number of followers they have as numbers can be subjective and/or skewed. These are great items to research and strategize prior to contacting an influencer. (Vanity metrics)

Engage with Their Content (The Ingredients)

One of the most common mistakes brands make when reaching out to influencers is going straight to their WANT or ASK. Before you pitch an influencer, simply show your support & appreciation for them by engaging with the content they are curating. Like, comment, & share their posts before and after you work with them. Content marketing is heavily influenced by collaboration and community engagement, so, it’s time to show the LOVE!

Add Some Sugar and Incentivize Them

Similar to making foam art, curating good content that converts while building brand awareness isn’t always easy or else there wouldn’t be any need to work with influencers, right?! Whether it’s paid posts, complementary product/service or media visits, or sponsored advertising for the influencer, give them an incentive to work with you. 

Give them Creative Control

Most coffee shops have their specialty on how they make their coffee. Well, the same goes for influencers. Most influencers have their own unique approach to how they create and execute their content. That’s the beauty of working with influencers! You can have a variety of different ways to promote the same concept. Value their approach and give them room for creative expression.

Plan to Shop Again

Treat influencer relations the same way you would any strategic business relationship and plan a long-term partnership. If your brand aligns with their content and you enjoy working with them, work with them on future campaigns. Monthly retainers for content collaborations are perfect for campaigns that require a series of content streams or you can work with influencers on a per post basis. Work with them on what feels most comfortable to you and get collaborating!

Are you caffeinated to pour a richer strategy into your influencer relations? Join my weekly intensives program where we work collaboratively on building your key brand messaging along with the best practices on how to work closely with influencers to help expand your brand awareness online.

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