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September 27, 2021
Your Brandista | Consciousness Through Storytelling

The Rise in Consciousness Through Storytelling

Thought Leadership

There is a rise in consciousness through storytelling. This is the purpose that I have found through my PR & Thought Leadership journey.

This has become one of the most defining realizations for both my life & my career. It has created an entirely new intersection to where my journey was always going to evolve as a publicist & a leader.

Through my journey as a creator, a woman, a visionary, & an enthusiast who moves through humanity, my purpose has been to show that people are not alone in their experiences through the media and the stories I tell on behalf of myself or my clients.

Your Brandista | Consciousness Through Storytelling

Because the truth is… The world is craving vulnerability & through some of the most intense circumstances the last year, we as a collective have lost side in the power of speaking out for what we believe in, through eyes & hearts of humility.

Our voices are a reflection of our healing; where we have embraced change, adversity, & new beginnings through the stages of rebirth in our lives. Just like a baby in a mother’s womb, our mind, body, & spirit mold to the “nutrients” we are fed.

It is both my purpose and my responsibility to provide others the right nutrients through the media; the stories that inspire, motivate & show you that you are not ALONE.

Because I see potential in everyone through the nutrients I feed myself. My nutrients of life are found through intuition, energy, & accepting who I am & living through the beautiful, innocence & good-intentioned energy I’ve had since a child. When I shift my energy to the power of this acceptance internally, I see clearer, brighter, & more loving to the world around me.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to get to a place to recognize that your conscious thoughts hold a special gift through the lens of the media. 🎁

They hold the nutrients to fuel connection around you; both to yourself and others, especially when you move through humility.

We need more influences like YOU.

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