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October 21, 2019
Your Brandista | Your Boutique Publicist & Brand Curator

Rebuilding Isn’t Failure | Your Brandista featured on BossBabe


You read that right! Your Brandista was featured on BossBabe. I had the opportunity to interview with Marisa Donnelly, a Midwest-born, West Coast-based writer, editor, writing coach, and founder of Be A Light LLC.

In this feature, Marisa and I cover the importance that failure leads to success, how to find more clarity in your offering as an entrepreneur, and so much more!

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Want an even closer look into our interview? Read below!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your business-building?

I would say that the biggest lesson I have learned in building my business has been realizing the importance of less is more when it comes to your offering. In a service-based business, it is easy to get swept up in the limiting belief that offering more to your clients means making more money. Trust me when I say I came from a position of managing many facets of marketing and I attempted to offer way more than I should have, given the status of starting off as a one-woman-show. 

The reality of the situation is your value is and should be based primarily on the one thing that you can show up as the expert in. You would think it’s easy to recognize that in the beginning but as you launch and get into the thick of it all, the lines can get blurred. One thing that helped me get to the position of niching down was listening to audiences who paid close attention to what I was doing online. We can get so indulged in our work to where we naturally create blinders which can cause us to get off course. Taking the blinders off and really diving deep into the recognition and responses I was receiving to the content I was getting awareness from did wonders for the longevity of my business.

What’s one thing you want all young entrepreneurs to know?

The one thing I want all young entrepreneurs to know is that immediate success is not guaranteed, so please for the love of all things social media, do NOT get swept up in the gimmicks of success. It’s by your failures, can you truly know what success looks like, and it’s not always what you think it is. Success is not determined by how much money you make or the number of followers you have. Success is determined by the clarity you have in your business and how it influences those you work with.

What’s the MOST important part about being successful, in your opinion?

The most important part about being successful in my opinion is having the opportunity to put my time and energy back into the work that makes me feel good to do. In my recent posts on social media, I have been making it a point to share that creating content should make you feel doing it or else what is the point? Again, success is about turning your passions into profit; your dreams into your reality. When your work makes you feel good, it motivates you to keep wanting to do more.

How did you know switching to ‘Your Brandista’ was the way to go?

One of the common mistakes that I’ve made as an entrepreneur is thinking that I can offer the world to everyone. I worked closely with a few business strategists who consistently put an emphasis on focusing on the one thing that I am best at, but as I mentioned earlier, I had quite the deep-rooted belief that value was determined by the level of support I could give to my client. After about two pretty big burn-out stages, I had a decision to make. It was either reflect & release that deep-rooted believe or walk away from this venture.

The Taurus in me is never ready to give up, so here we are. I made the firm decision to transition into solely advising & coaching purpose-driven brands to polish & perfect their messaging and content to attract publicity and brand awareness through media relations, including pitching and outreach, supporting documentation, and a solid social media content strategy.

Not only do I truly feel more confident in my value and what I bring to the table, but the response I have received from making this decision has been incredible. I’m on to something here…

What advice would you give to someone who’s not sure what they’re doing is ‘right’?

My advice would get a cohort of about 5-8 solid connections who come from a different background than you. No matter our backgrounds, we all have a story to share and value to bring to the table. Really nurture the relationship with each person in this cohort and see how they align with you, both personally and professionally. When you feel comfortable with them and can ensure it is a safe space, start to express some of your pain-points. Not all feedback will be of value and you can choose what will resonate with you and what won’t, but take this as a great starting point to re-evaluate your next steps. Don’t fix what’s not broken, but the areas where you feel you could be thriving more, start to slowly transition into a new process for yourself, based on the feedback you receive. It will take time, as all great things do, but it will be worth it in the end.

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