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January 21, 2020

5 Fun & Real Facts About Public Relations

Public Relations

As I patiently wait to receive the final word on a pitch I sent earlier this week for one of the largest online publications that are on my vision board for 2020, I wanted to share some fun but real facts about Public Relations with you! ☕️

1️⃣ Public Relations is a consistent process & results don’t happen overnight.

By nurturing your on-going & consistent effort, you can achieve the kind of results that others want to attract.

2️⃣ Public Relations is not about you.

Rough, I know, but good effective Public Relations is a result of the value you bring to the audiences of the outlets you are pitching to. It should be a win-win on both sides of the screen.

3️⃣ One fully caffeinated feature can bring more reach & return than a handful if you nurture the pitching process, incorporate a well-rounded story/pitch, & build a solid relationship with the editor/writer you are pitching.

Numbers will grow inevitably but think of the impact you can make long-term if you nurture one relationship at a time.

4️⃣ The content you post on social media is a direct reflection of your brand.

When curating your posts & captions, think of them as individual press releases for your business. Make sure that each post is a direct reflection of what you want your audience & the audiences of others to know/like/receive from you.

5️⃣ Collaboration goes a long way when it comes to publicity!

Taking the @femxsummit for example. By building my relationship with Jessie over the last two years, I was able to join the team as both the publicist and a speaker which lead me to opportunities to sharing my story on CBS & speaking in front of 60+ new people who are now loyal connections.

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Are you ready for more fun facts?! Are you caffeinated to pour a richer strategy into your content and publicity efforts in 2020? Join my weekly intensives program where we work collaboratively on building your key brand messaging along with the best strategy to follow to energize your brand online!

Also, enjoy this photo recap of the summit last weekend! I will also have my speaker reel and additional b-roll footage to share with you soon so stay tuned!

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